The tasting menu

Neptune menu (Minimum 2 persons)

Raw seafood: n. 1 oyster, n. 1 scampo, n. 1 prawns, n. 1 almond, n. 1 venus clams and a little salmon carpaccio

Risotto seafood with shell

Salted seabass

Apple pie with icecream 

Water, espresso  and assorted pastries

€ 55,00 for person
Excluding drinks

Poseidon menu (minimum for 2 persons)

Home appetiser with courses proposed by the chef

Thin tagliatelle with red prawns and courgette

Backed gilthead with potatoes

Lemon ice-cream

Water, espresso and assorted pastries

€ 40,00 for person
Excluding drinks


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    -20121 Milano


  • Phone:+39 02 29005823
  • Fax: +39 02 63110395

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